About Us

Jacobson Press P.C. is a firm of experienced trial lawyers and counselors. Our four lawyers have collectively over 90 years of courtroom experience. We have significant experience in preparing and trying some of the most complicated civil and business lawsuits imaginable, including conducting trials that lasted for weeks in courts far from our St. Louis homes.

But we don't just handle very large cases. We also advocate on a daily basis for our many clients who face the ordinary legal disputes that arise regularly in our society. We know that these smaller cases may not make the headlines, but are important to the parties involved. We treat every client's case as important.

We also act as counsel to clients — some of whom we have represented for decades — about the legal issues and potential problems that come up from time to time in their business and personal lives. We do our best to provide wise counsel and often help our clients resolve their issues and problems without the need for a lawsuit.

Our goal at Jacobson Press P.C. is to provide wise, cost-effective counsel to our clients to help them solve problems both inside and outside the courtroom. We do our best to achieve this goal every day.